Article # Article Contents
Article I Introduction and Definitions
Article II Enforcement
Article III Non-Conformities
Article IV Administration
Article V Agricultural District A-SER
Article VI Residence R-1 District
Article VII Residence R-2 District
Article VIII Residence R-3 District
Article IX Residence R-4 District
Article X Business B-1 District
Article XI Business B-2 District
Article XII Business B-3 District
Article # Article Contents
Article XIII Industrial I-1 District
Article XIV Industrial I-2 District
Article XV Planned Unit Development
Article XVI Conditional Uses
Article XVII Supplementary District Regulations
Article XVIII Signs
Article XIX Sexually Oriented Businesses
Article XX Riparian Setbacks
Article XXI Erosion and Sediment Control
Article XXII Small Wind Energy Project Regulation
Article XXIII Massage Establishments
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