Road Department Funding

Road department was funded in 2015 with revenue of $2,372,764 from the following sources:

  1. State Motor Vehicle License Taxes of $43,718 (2%)
  2. State Gasoline Taxes of $243,400 (10%)
  3. County Motor Vehicle License Taxes of $113,773 (5%)
  4. 2 Township voter approved Road Levies of $1,161,604 (49%)
  5. Transfers from the General Fund of $785,000 (33%)
  6. Other sources $25,269 (1%)

The Township Road levies consist of the 0.77 inside (non-voted) mill, a 1.0 mill levy originally passed by the voters in 1976 and a 1.5 mill levy originally passed in 1981 and a 0.5 mill levy first passed in 2015 that will go on the tax duplicate in 2017. In 2015 the 1.0 mill and 1.5 mill levies plus the inside mill of 0.77 collected approximately $1,160,000. If the 1.0 mill and 1.5 mill levies were assessed at their combined 2.5 voter approved rate, instead of the effective rate of approximately 1.30 mills, along with the inside mills of 0.77, the township would have collected approximately $1,800,000.e

In 2017 the $100,000 homeowner will pay approximately $85 a year in Road real estate taxes on the 3 voter approved levies and the inside millage of 0.77.

The Road department is responsibility for 116 miles of township roads, over 40 miles of storm sewers, over 70 miles of road side ditches and over 4,000 Catch Basins. Some of the Road department services and expenses include Annual Resurfacing Project, Snow Removal & Ice Control, Hot & Cold patch for Potholes and Street Sweeping.

Some Road Department Accomplishments

Project Funding Source Cost
Maple Avenue Phase I CDBG $118,000
Maple Avenue Phase 2 CDBG $135,000
Burkey Road Overflow CDBG $98,250
Ayrshire Court Overflow CDBG $108,000
Lancaster Twin Line Issue I (II) $199,650
Penny Lane Overflow Issue I (II) $159,975
Regional Detention A Issue I (II) $187,590
Regional Detention B Austintown $44,000
Staatz-Nottingham Sewer Issue I (II) $248,000
Placid Overflow Austintown $2,800
Regal Overflow Austintown $1,700
Barrington Overflow Austintown $6,500
Resurrection Cemetery Detention Catholic Diocese $39,000
Chaucer/Black Oak CDBG $100,000
Ayrshire Drive Storm Sewer Issue I (II) $252,000
N. Wickliffe Storm Water Detention Issue I (II) $173,000
Fountain Square Detention Private $300,000
Black Oak/Bentwillow CDBG $121,000
Redgate Lane Storm Sewer Issue I (II) $213,000
Burkey Road CDBG $75,000
Burkey Road Phase III CDBG $106,338
Allendale Drainage CDBG $119,025
Redgate Lane Phase 2 Issue I (II) $204,740
Stambaugh Avenue Sewer Issue I (II) $103,351
Main Street Drainage Issue I (II) $124,465
North Beverly Drainage CDBG $101,240
Wendover Box Culvert CDBG $98,400
Westminster/Carnegie Box Culvert Issue I (II) $174,180
Oakwood Ave. Box Culvert Issue I (II) $110,675
Kleber Avenue Storm Sewer Issue I (II) $350,000
Kimberly/Baker Storm Sewer Ph I CDBG $70,000
S. Raccoon Sidewalk Federal Highway $225,000
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