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The Police Department is made up of 5 divisions. Each is responsible for duties specific to the division but also works closely with the other divisions within the department to insure it meets our Mission/Value Statement:

The Mission of the Austintown Police District is to improve the quality of life, uphold the law and protect the lives and property of every citizen. We will display honesty, integrity, dedication and professionalism while accomplishing our mission.

Administration Division

The Administration division consists of Chief of Police Robert Gavalier. The APD Gold Badge Chief is responsible for the department’s operation and management in accordance with the general policies of the Board of Trustees and the Township Administrator.

Communications Division

The Communication Division supports the Patrol and Detective Divisions and consists of the Dispatch Supervisor and 15 Dispatchers. They are responsible for answering 911, emergency and non-emergency phone calls for police, fire and EMS then dispatching the calls on a priority basis via a sophisticated radio system. They are also responsible for tracking all Calls For Service, accessing the LEADS and NCIC computer systems, relaying pertinent information to the other divisions, and assisting the public with a wide variety of issues. For more information and photos of the dispatch room and the radio system click here.

Detective Division

The Detective Division supports the operations of the Patrol Division by conducting in-depth investigations resulting in the apprehension of criminal(s) engaged in pervasive criminal activity. The Division also provides trained evidence collection personnel who respond to major Felony crime scenes to preserve and collect evidence. Currently the department has six (6) Detectives assigned to various adult crimes ranging from Identity theft to Homicide, two (2) Detectives assigned to investigate Juvenile crimes, two (2) Detectives assigned to narcotics thru the Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force and (1) Detective assigned to DARE and Crime Prevention.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the foundation of the Police Department providing the residents and businesses of Austintown with Law Enforcement protection and public services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The 29 Officers of the Patrol Division are compromised of three separate eight hour shifts consisting of Six Patrol Officers, two Sergeants, and a Lieutenant. Officers are responsible for enforcing all Township Resolutions and State Laws, the protection of life and property, conducting preliminary investigations and apprehension of criminals. The Patrol Division has one (1) State and North American Police Work Dog Association certified Patrol and Narcotic canine.

Support Services

The Support Services Division assist the Patrol and Detective Divisions by providing communications, record filing,Support Services information retrieval and other functions as directed by the Chief of Police. Those functions include (1) computer entry of arrests, warrants and case information, (2) word processing, (3) filing and maintaining records, (4) respond to telephone/public contacts, (5) process fingerprint cards, (6) process seized license plates/driver licenses, (7) file traffic citations/accidents, (8) maintain record security and (9) produce correspondence for administration. As the public can see the Support Services are a vital and often overlooked division comprising of two records secretaries and the Chief’s Secretary.

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