Police Crime Mapping
Police Crime Mapping

Austintown Police Department has partnered with CrimeMapping.com to provide residents and non-residents easily accessible information about crimes that have occurred in the Township.

The purpose of this partnership is to provide you with relevant information that can help you from becoming a victim of a crime by making you more aware of what is happening around you. This mapping service will provide up to six months of information on the locations and types of crimes that have occurred. Data is updated every 24 hours.

In order to protect those involved, personal information and specific details of the incidents are excluded and addresses are rounded to the 100 block.

Brief instructions on using CrimeMapping.com:

To access Austintown data directly go to www.crimemapping.com/map/oh/austintown. Once Austintown is displayed you can click the icons on the map for more details of the incidents.

Along the top you can customize the data displayed by using one or more of these options:

  1. Types of crimes to display-Chose some or all of the crime types
  2. Date range to display-Choose a range of dates to display
  3. Address and radius-This is useful to put in a specific address and have it display just those incidents with a range (500 feet to 2 miles) of that address.

You can also easily zoom in and out on the map, generate graphs and reports, and email links to the map data. An online help file is available at: http://www.crimemapping.com/help/help.aspx

Another function of the site is that you can sign up to receive email alerts when specific types of crimes occur within a range of a specific address. For example you can have the site automatically email you whenever there is an incident that occurs within 1/2 mile of your house. To subscribe click here: http://www.crimemapping.com/subscriptions/subscribe.aspx

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