Name Phone
Robert Gavalier, Chief Of Police 330-799-9721
Bryan Kloss, Captain 330-270-5120

All Divisions (Non-Emergency)

Name Phone
Non-Emergency (24/7/365) 330-270-5100

Communications Division

Name Phone
Police/Fire/EMS Dispatch (24/7/365)
Dial 911 for emergencies
Steve Sinn, Communications Supervisor 330-270-5101

Detective Division

Name Phone
Det. Sgt. Doug Scharsu 330-270-5114
Det. Sgt. Jeff Toth
DARE, Crime Prevention
Det. Sgt. Jordan Yacovone 330-270-5109
Det. Sgt. Shawn Hevener 330-799-9721
Det. Robert Whited 330-799-9721
Det. Sgt. Kathy Dina
Juvenile Detective
School Resource Officer
Hostage Negotiator
Ptl Ryan Reese
School Resource Officer

Patrol Division

Name Phone
Lt. Tom Collins 330-270-5121
Lt. William Hoelzel 330-270-5118
Lt. Mark Skowron 330-270-5119
Sgt. Richard John 330-799-9721
Sgt. Shawn Pezzuolo 330-799-9721
Sgt. Valorie Delmont 330-799-9721
Sgt. Jeff Churilla 330-799-9721
Sgt. Chris Collins/K-9 330-799-9721
Sgt. Greg Brinsko 330-799-9721
Ptl Joseph Wojciak 330-799-9721
Ptl Keith Smith 330-799-9721
Ptl Robert Hutch 330-799-9721
Ptl Allen Phillips 330-799-9721
Ptl Mark Ensign 330-799-9721
Ptl. Scott McIntyre 330-799-9721
Ptl. Chris Pasvanis 330-799-9721
Ptl Aaron Franks 330-799-9721
Ptl Brian Heinz 330-799-9721
Ptl. Curtis Ingram 330-799-9721
Ptl. Bradley McFadden 330-799-9721
Ptl. Greg McGlynn 330-799-9721
Ptl Joshua Watkins 330-799-9721
Ptl. Ryan Reese
School Resource Officer
Ptl. Daniel Burich 330-799-9721
Ptl. Ronnie Crum 330-799-9721
Ptl. Adam Hess 330-799-9721
Ptl. David Yohman 330-799-9721
Ptl. Dominic Cicozi 330-799-9721
Ptl. Lea Rozzo 330-799-9721
Ptl. David Potkonicky 330-799-9721

Support Services Division (Records)

Name Phone
Sue McCabe 330-270-5116
Teresa Drummond 330-270-5104
Cathy McClain 330-270-5103

Normal Hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Voice mail also available

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