Park Office and Park Supervisor can be reached at 330-793-0718

The Park System is a department of Austintown Township, governed by the Board of Austintown Township Trustees. Funding of the parks is provided by an 0.8 mil levy originally passed by the voters of Austintown in 1986 and has consistently been renewed by the voters. Additional funding is acquired through available grant applications, donations and sponsorships. Austintown Park Department consists of 2 full time maintenance staff, one part-time employee and the park supervisor.

Austintown Township Parks System strives to provide recreational facilities, opportunities and educational programs focused on understanding and appreciation of the environment and our park lands. Preservation of the park in its natural environment is balanced with recreational fields and courts, hiking trails, playgrounds, pavilions and paved metered walking opportunities.

The System consists of our main 220 acre Township Park located at 6000 Kirk Road plus four satellite parks located throughout Austintown Township for a total of approximately 265 acres of park land. Over 100 of these acres are of natural woodlands.

Satellite Parks

General Park Info

9-11 Memorial Park
(1051 S. Raccoon Rd.)

This a 14 acre site with several youth league ball fields has been leased to the 9-11 Memorial Committee and Austintown Local Schools. The Park Department maintains the recycling site which is the largest in the county. The Axe Factory Run Stream runs through the park.

General Park Info

Greenbriar Park (near the intersection of Barrington Dr. and Innwood Dr.)

Provides a total of five acres of neighborhood recreational area with playground equipment and picnic tables.

General Park Info

Veterans Memorial Park
(S. Wickliffe Cir.)

Offers the community a site to remember those who have served our country. The two acre park has a wooden gazebo with benches and memorials erected by various veteran organizations.

General Park Info

Wedgewood Park
(1675 Lancaster Dr.)

A 17 acre neighborhood park offering a streamside forest, playground equipment and a ball field. The Friends For Wedgewood Park are a non-profit group of neighbors and residents established in 2005 working to renovate this recently acquired park land to offer more recreational opportunities while retaining this natural area which host a large portion of the Axe Factory Run Stream watershed and a habitat for a variety of wildlife.

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