Who can I contact about an abused or neglected domesticated animal?


The Animal Charity Humane Society (330) 788-1064 ext. 17
The Society handles:
A domesticated, owned animal…
…without food, water or shelter
…that has been abandoned by it’s owners
…whose owner is neglecting/mistreating/abusing it
…whose owner is not providing it necessary veterinary care
…who is living in unsanitary/unhealthful conditions/confinement
…whose owner is pink slipped/probated/arrested
Any stray cat that is clearly suffering and easily observed to be sick or injured.
Anything involving dog/cockj/animal fighting for entertainemnt/”sport” purposes.

The Society does not:
Pick up raccoons, unless specifically directed by the Health Department
Do anything involving wildlife; please notify ODNR at (330) 245-3038
Pick up injured stray dogs or dogs running at large; plesae notify the Mahoing County Dog Warden

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