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92 Ohltown Road, Austintown, Ohio 44515 Phone 330-799-9721 Fax 330-799-8651

Communications Division

The Simulcast Austintown Boardman Radio System went active on January 30, 2013
SABERS Logo    SABERS is a Motorola P25 digital 800 MHz trunking system that will serve both Townships public safety communications needs for many years to come.

The old radio systems in both Townships were unreliable, antiquated, beyond repair and by FCC mandate had to be replaced. The cost of this new system was shared between both Townships thus effectively providing each Township with the capabilities of a $1.6 million dollar radio system for half the cost.
  Austintown Township Communications Logo

Want to learn a little more about calling 911 then click here to read an article from the APCO Public Safety Communications Magazine (reprinted with the author's permission).

The Communications division of Austintown Township currently employs 8 full-time dispatchers. At any particular time there may be one or two Dispatchers on duty to simultaneously handle all the duties shown here:
  1. Answering emergency and non-emergency phone calls. These calls can come in on any of 25 phone lines. Since 2003 the 911 lines alone generated an average of 18,500  phone calls per year. The other lines about 40,000 calls for a total of approximately 58,500 phone calls received per year.
  2. Answer routine questions from the public relating to the Police and Fire Departments as well as completely unrelated questions because people simply didn't know who else to call.
  3. Prioritizing and relaying necessary information to Police, Fire and EMS personnel via phone and/or radio.
  4. Monitor and respond to any of 16 radio channels.
  5. Enter calls for service into a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system and retrieve information previously entered into the system.
  6. Input and retrieve data into the statewide Ohio LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Data System) and the nationwide NCIC (National Crime Information Center) computer systems. The Dispatchers can inquire into law enforcement systems in other countries including Canada and Mexico as well as access to Interpol (the worlds largest international police organization) data.
  7. Greeting and assisting people that walk into the police station.
  8. Deputy Clerk of Court functions such as taking bonds and committing people to jail.
  9. Monitor 18 video cameras inside and outside the Police station.

With experience ranging from 2 to 28 years our Dispatchers have handled just about anything you could imagine and probably some things you would not want to imagine; but that is part of the appeal of Dispatching as a career. The job remains interesting even after many years because you never know what the next call will bring. Thinking about a career as a dispatcher then be sure to read "So You Want To Be A Dispatcher..." by Cindra Dunaway.

This is a view of our Primary Dispatch Console.

Primary Dispatch Console

The monitors show (starting at top left): external video cameras, map for tracking call locations, Next Generation 911 (NG9-1-1) interface, LEADS/NCIC system, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and SABERS radio interface. Mahoning County is one of only two counties in Ohio that are Next Gen 911 capable.
The main communications backbone is owned by a Council Of Governments consisting of Austintown and Boardman Townships. Austintown uses the system for police, fire, road, park and maintenance departments. Boardman uses it for their Police and Fire Departments. The system is a Motorola 800 MHz P25 Astro digital trunked radio system consisting of the Prime Site, core and 5 repeaters at the our tower site located at 4677 Barrington Drive and 5 additional repeaters location at Boardman Township’s Government Center at 8699 Market Street. Each Dispatch location has three Motorola MC7500 consoles. In an emergency the dispatchers from either dispatch center can go to the other center and have full access to the radio system as if they were sitting at the own consoles. Mill Creek Park Police Dept. is also using the system but they are not owners. We are the only government entities in Mahoning County making use of the advanced capabilities of a digital trunked radio system.

Click here for a larger view of the NG9-1-1 interface and here for the SABERS interface.
Austintown Township, Mahoning County, Ohio

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